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    FROSIO-certified paint inspection

    We offer FROSIO-certified paint inspection (NS476).

    We have experience with projects of different sizes in Denmark and abroad, and we can assist you in among others:

    • Inspection (paint, hot dip galvanizing , metallizing)
    • Consulting
    • Various tests of coatings
    • Third- party approval
    • Elaboration/preparation of specifications
    • Failure analysis – expert opinion
    • Evaluation of existing coating systems

    Concurrently as the offshore business puts higher demands on the properties and service life of coating systems, the demands to the quality of the surface treatment itself – from design to the finished product – are likewise being increased.

    We are convinced, that certified paint inspection, in importance, is on level with for example non destructive testing of welds (NDT), and thus contributes significantly to quality assuring of a finished product.

    It is of great importance, that the surface treatment is performed in accordance with specifications or relevant standards, as deviations constitute a risk of significant reduction in the estimated service life of the coating system.

    The following examples are some of the many and relevant findings we come across in our work as paint inspectors, which must be identified and corrected in order to achieve optimum corrosion protection of the surface treated objects:

    • Parts of the construction design are unsuitable for surface treatment.
    • The pre-treatment of the construction, prior to paint application, is insufficient.
    • The surface treatment is performed under unacceptable climatic conditions.
    • Lacks in the coating specification or purchase order.