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    On-site hardness testing

    Hardness testing is a technique to identify a material and it´s characteristics. This test method provides indirect information about a materials tensile strength, abrasion resistance, heat treatment and sensitivity towards certain fracture mechanisms etc.

    We have great experience with hardness testing in accordance with standardized testing methods (Vickers, Brinell and Rockwell) with stationary as well as portable equipment. We offer hardness testing with King Brinell, Ernst (shear pin tester) among others, and with more flexible equipment, such as Equotip (the Leeb-principle).

    Examples of our previous tasks within hardness testing follow below:

    • Lifting sling, made from high strength carbon steel? Is the hardness critical, in proportion to hydrogen induced fractures?
    • Quenched and tempered objects – does the surface hardness indicate, that the abrasion/wear resistance is as expected?
    • Welds – is the hardness in the heat affected area (HAZ) within the specified hardness range?
    • Heat treated objects – has the heat treatment been sufficient/correct?
    • Overheated or fire-damaged objects – has the heat exposure caused reduction in the strength of the material?
    • Offshore drilling equipment – is the strength of the material as specified?