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    OES analysis

    We are a third party inspection company and an exclusive provider of full range portable OES analysis at the customer. By means of a pioneering technology, it is, in our company, now possible to perform the metal analysis directly on the object with portable equipment, instead of through sampling on the object. Hitherto sampling has been necessary, when using traditional laboratory equipment. Sampling can often be inexpedient and problematic, since sampling, on finalized components, often can be destructive for the object’s mode of operation.

    An OES analysis is an evident solution in demands for:

    • Material verification/ determining material type..
    • Assessing accordance with chemical requirements in material certificates, standards and specifications.
    • Reconstruction of the certificate of the material (chemical composition).
    • Determining an object’s weldability.
    • Assessing corrosion resistance.

    We use portable spark optical emission spectrometer with same high analytical performance as traditional laboratory equipment. Before every analysis, we probe the quality of the analysis result by comparative measurements on certified reference materials.

    We offer OES analysis of following steel types/ alloys:

    • Unalloy- and low alloy steel.
    • Stainless steel
    • Manganese steel
    • Aluminium alloys
    • Nickel alloys
    • White cast iron

    We make an effort to deliver day-to-day analysis results.