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    On-site metallurgical examination

    We are specialized in on-site metallurgical examinations of steel structures, which have been exposed to unintentional heat stress, originating from e.g. high service temperatures, heat treatment or fire.

    Depending on the type of heat exposure, the heat stresses may result in gradual or sudden weakening in a metal’s strength (decrease in the mechanical properties of the steel), due to microstructural changes, that can be determined and monitored by on-site microstructural analysis (replica examination) and hardness testing.

    These techniques make it possible to target further analyses, repairs and countermeasures in order to get the system back into operation as soon as possible and at lower costs.

    Examples of previously examined items are given below:

    • Fire-damaged steel trusses in buildings
    • Fire-damaged wind mills
    • Heat treated/ overheated equipment or components.