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    PMI inspection

    We have a wide experience within PMI inspection, and we can therefore assist you in all kinds of PMI related tasks.

    Today there is a growing demand for alloys with special properties; various steel types and alloys are being introduced on the market, increasing the risk of mixing up different types of materials.

    In addition, the economy conscious buyers in companies try to “buy cheaply”, increasing the risk that steel supplies does not live up to the expected quality.

    PMI inspection is ideal, when you need a rapid material identification or for sorting of different alloys.

    What is PMI inspection?

    PMI inspection is a test method for sorting, testing and identifying a specific type of alloy and it´s chemical composition.

    Typical PMI tasks could for example be material identification of high- alloy steels, low -alloy steels , nickel alloys, aluminum alloys, copper- and titanium alloys etc.

    PMI inspection is a fast and reliable test method at a relatively low cost, securing you, as customer, a security that your products live up to the chemical requirements.

    About PMI analysis

    SK Inspection is using handheld X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analyzers, making it possible to perform on-site alloy analysis in difficult accessible areas.

    PMI inspection leaves no marks on the tested items, since the PMI technology is based on X-ray (On-site nondestructive testing).

    The PMI analyzer is a high precision instrument, which makes it possible to sort objects, made from e.g. AISI 304 and AISI 316 with high accuracy.

    Moreover, our PMI analyzers are designed to test a specific area, relevant in connection with PMI inspection of small welds.

    We are quality assuring our PMI analysis results according to the same procedure as our OES analysis results – by frequent inter calibration, using comparable certified reference materials.

    Our PMI reports are professional and well-documented, containing all required information and results in accordance with common specifications and standards.